Door Decorating at Centennial!

Giselle Moreno, Staff Writer

Centennial Junior High School is full of fun ideas and activities! Recently they have decided to start a new activity within homeroom classes. This idea was brought up by the Centennial Student Council. In every homeroom class they will be decorating their doors, with fun crafts and cool decorations.

In these next few weeks homeroom classes will be working to find ideas for decorating and making crafts to decorate with. Students will vote for their favorite homeroom door, and voting will begin December 14th and end December 17th. Also, the winning homeroom will get a doughnut party on the 18th. There are many cool and innovative designs that students have thought of. Some being Snoopy’s dog house, snowman’s, snowflakes, and Christmas trees.

Mrs. Anderson’s homeroom class won the door decorating contest. They did an outstanding job and students loved their cool design! Their door theme was a gingerbread house and they received their doughnut party for their great door decorating skills. Here are some pictures of some of the many amazing doors that were completed this year.