Fracking in this New Election

Brax Thomas, Staff Writer

With the recent poles in this election so far Joe Biden has had the lead. Joe Biden might be the 46th president. With the new found policies that Joe might institute while in office, Wyoming might be in trouble. No matter your political beliefs banning fracking would have a massive impact on Wyoming and the U.S.

The basic definition of fracking is drilling down into rock and making the rock release gas which helps produce oil and gas. Hydraulic fracking is said to be good and bad. Some may say that fracking poisons groundwater, polluted surface water, threatens wildlife and pollutes the air. But in our state and in the U.S fracking has created millions of jobs and because fracking according to some it helps keep the air clean. According to an article about fracking states that, (fracking has)‘’brought cleaner air by significantly reducing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions to 25-year-lows’’ This shows us that fracking actually does have some environment pros. Another reason that fracking is good is because it reduces energy prices which help our economy. The pros and cons are out there but the impacts of banning fracking in Wyoming are not good. 

Joe Biden’s plan would not help the people in Wyoming. Industry experts in Wyoming the undercut of Wyoming’s oil, gas and coal industry would be affected a lot by Biden’s plan. However some may say that Biden does not believe in the banning of fracking. On tape Bidens has said that he wanted to ban fracking and as one can see this would not be good. 

Fracking is very popular in Wyoming and our economy benefits a lot from fracking. Wyoming not only makes money off fracking but lots of jobs are created from fracking. Joe Biden has said that he wants to work fracking out when he is in office. This would be very bad for the state of Wyoming and the U.S. According to the Washington Post (A mostly unbiased source) the U.S would lose very many jobs if he was in office. They state, ‘’There are 7.3 million jobs that depend on fracking. Biden and Bernie would eliminate them.’’ This would have an impact on the whole U.S. This shows us that with Biden’s plan we would lose lots of jobs which would have a bad impact on our economy. 

Some say that Joe Biden has never said that he wanted to ban fracking but he has said he would convert to wind energy and renewable energy. Experts say that the carbon, which is in wind turbines, is not good for the earth. Carbon releases Co2 emissions into the air. If you believe in Co2 emissions and greenhouse gas emissions then you should know that it is not healthy for these wind turbines to be made. These wind turbines also can break and when they do they take up very large places in landfills. Which is also not very healthy for earth. With his policies we can not totally rely on wind energy which Joe Biden had said in the debate he wanted to do. 

In conclusion, yes fracking can be bad but there are very good positives that come from fracking. We can see that banning fracking would not be good for us in Wyoming and the U.S.. Biden’s policy on fracking is not that useful and no matter your political beliefs this policy would not be good.