Election Fraud?

Thomas Valdez, Staff Writer

In 2020 many, very big, controversial, and sad events have occurred. The latest event is the fraud and criminal activity involving the presidential election. The democratic party of the United States has been involved in criminal and suspicious activity ever since the Clinton administration. In this election the Democrats have used the COVID-19 pandemic to pass unconstitutional laws allowing them to cheat our election system. Some of the ways they have done this is mail-in voting. Mail-in voting has allowed people to do many things with ballots. They have thrown ballots away and even burned them. The Democrats have cheated President Donald J Trump out of his presidency. In 2016 when Trump was elected the democrats cried and said the election was meddled in by Russia. This claim was later proven to be false, after a long investigation by the FBI. The Liberals started their impeachment case the day that Trump was elected. They have accused him of many things throughout his glorious presidency. But when we accuse them of cheating our election it is offensive. The big players of the democratic party need to be prosecuted for their criminal activity. 

If you watched the election, you know that at 10:30 on November 3rd it looked like President Trump had won the election. The next morning Joe Biden had a small lead over the incumbent candidate. Some of the key factors in this election are the states, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia. These states are known as swing states. Pennsylvania was accused by the Trump campaign of election fraud. This means the state of Pennsylvania participated in illegal activity leading to Biden winning the state. In Pennsylvania there are affidavits that were obtained by Trump’s legal team that say dead people voted. This evidence says that people who have been dead for 10 years, and even 15 years registered to vote and have voted. And you guessed it, the dead people voted for Biden. Thousands of votes were stolen from Trump and given to Biden. Last week the Trump campaign went to court in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and requested to give evidence to the court proving fraud in the states election system but they were denied. So now there is fraud and an unconstitutional court system. The court system is unconstitutional because it goes against the 5th amendment protecting our right to due process. This is according to Fox News. 

There have been instances of similar actions in these other states. Some of the other things that happened to America’s voters are they would go to vote and were rejected because they had already voted. The state had voted for them and when they went to vote for real they were told they had already voted. These states need to be investigated for their fraudulent actions. As Donald Trump told a fox news consultant “This the biggest political conspiracy in the history of the United States.”  Donald Trump’s legal team is taking this issue directly to the states court system and fighting their way to a fair election. 

For the record there is no evidence that shows any wrong doing from the Biden administration. This issue has come from the states. They want Biden to win this election so they do not face bipartisan backlash. 

A study from “YouGov” shows that 2 in 5 Americans think there was fraud in our election. This includes democrats and people from smaller parties. The unfair and unlawful actions of these states have gone all the way to the court system. This will prevent the Trump legal team from getting a fair trial. Please Make Our Elections Fair Again.