Blast From the Past

Sylvia Allsop, Staff Writer

When your past catches up with you is not necessarily a bad thing. Many of our teachers used to attend Centennial Junior High, and came back to teach. A few of these teachers are Mrs. Lamb (8th grade Language Arts Extension), Mr. Walker (8th grade History), Mr. Marvel (7th grade Math), and Profa (Spanish). Actual ages will not be divulged, but it will share some of their favorite memories made at Centennial Junior High. 


Mrs. Lamb says that Centennial seems the same as when she attended. She says it looks the same and feels the same. Those blue lockers and tan tile have been around here a long time. She feels that the students were good students then and she feels the students are good students now. Hopeful all the other teachers agree with her. A memorable time for Mrs. Lamb involved a science project, her doing the spits from a pulley system that was hanging from the ceiling. Want to know more? Stop by her classroom for all the details. 


Mr. Walker agrees with Mrs. Lamb that Centennial feels the same, except for the newish blue and white paint covering the peach walls. The most memorable memories for Mr. Walker were the friendships he made. He says he is still friends with a friend he made in 7th grade. They must have been really good friends to make such a strong friendship that they still stay in touch. Do you think you will be friends with the friends you have now in the future? 


Mr. Marvel thinks that Centennial is pretty much the same other than the paint. He thinks that the biggest difference from when he went to Centennial to now is that they are a lot less strict. He says they were harder on kids when he went to Centennial than they are now. Mr. Marvel says that the most memorable times for him at Centennial were with Mr. McMullen. He must have been a good and inspirational teacher. Perhaps that teacher helped inspire Mr. Marvel to be a teacher.


Profa thinks that Centennial has not changed a lot physically, but they have had improvements to try to focus on students doing things right. For example, the new FLY program and the Eagle Character. She thinks that students are not as involved in school activities and academics. When she went to school homework was expected and important; if it was not done on time it would have affected their grade and they would not be able to understand. Students think that it is unfair to have homework outside of school even though it is a lot easier for us to do work at home now. You can easily look something up online when they would have to go to a library to research. When Profa went to school they did not have brown and gold days. A memorable time for Profa was when Centennial used to do grade assemblies for sport teams. Profa was a cheerleader and they got to perform. This was the first time she was on stage. She was on a team with all dancers, and she was not a dancer. This was a big accomplishment to her to cheer with all of these experienced dancers. She says that the school dances that the cheerleaders would host and plan were fun with live bands. Another important thing to Profa was her Spanish teacher. Patty Robison was a great, fun, and inspirational teacher. 

Seems like Centennial has not changed a lot over the years, but if it has it is a good thing. A lot of great memories have and will continue to be made at Centennial. Maybe you might come back to Centennial Junior High teaching the future.