Christmas 2020

Is it more important this year?

Giselle Moreno, Staff Writer

Christmas in 2020 seems to be more exciting for people than in previous years. Many people say that it is because of the pandemic and current stress in the world, Christmas is a break from the phenomena of 2020. Many people have different opinions on Christmas this year, so I have decided to ask a couple of students at Centennial Junior High School their thoughts and opinions on the situation. 

I started off by interviewing Dawn Ferrer, an 8th grade student at Centennial. I asked her if she thought the pandemic has made a change in Christmas this year. She replied with, “No, other than people not being able to see their family, I don’t see a reason that the pandemic would change Christmas.” I asked her if she thought Christmas seems more important this year. Which she replied with, “My family is doing the same exact thing we have always done.. So nothing has really changed and I don’t believe Christmas is more important. Also, I asked her if she thought Christmas break is more needed for students this year than in past years? She said, “I don’t think the need has changed, I think that there has always been a need for break.”

Next, I interviewed Samantha Pelton, another 8th grader at Centennial. I started off asking the same question I asked Dawn Ferrer previously. She responded with, “Yes, with job losses and therefore money being lost in families, Christmas may not be as great as it has in past years. As well as travel restrictions and people not being able to see their families. I think it is just different this year. And certain traditions may be changed.” I continued to ask the next question and she said “Yes, I think that people are more grateful this year that nothing bad has happened to them, they haven’t lost their jobs, or experienced a loss within their families. I think that Christmas this year is just a time to be grateful for the miracles of daily life.” Finally, I asked her the last question and she said, “Yes, I think that we as students have all been overworked and we feel tired and stressed. This is also a time to spend with family, and get a break from the masks.” 

Finally, I interviewed Emerson Levin, yet again another 8th grade student at Centennial. She responded to my first question by saying, “Yes, a lot of people travel for Christmas, but it won’t happen this year.  It should not change too much..other than not being able to go out and shop for presents.” I asked her the second question in which she responded, “I don’t think it’s more important..but maybe more of a bigger deal.” I asked her the final questions and she said, “Yes, I think that students have been more stressed this year especially and are just waiting for the much needed break to hit.” 

In conclusion, there were mixed opinions on the situation. But overall Christmas will remain a widely celebrated holiday throughout the world regardless of the pandemic. Happy Holidays!