KW or NC

Which School is Better?


Samantha Pelton, Staff Writer

For eighth grade students, this is their last year of middle school and next year it’s off to high school. Some people are excited for a new school and new people but others aren’t looking forward to a new adventure. Now the decision of which school we are attending. One big choice that some kids may get to participate in while others don’t. A poll was sent out to eighth graders here at Centennial Middle School asking which high school the student was planning to attend. Kelly Walsh or Natrona County? Overall 196 responses were submitted and they all had varied answers, but the most popular school is Kelly Walsh. 

The responses were all different and there were a variety of reasons for people going to their selected school. Of the respondents 87.4% chose Kelly Walsh and 12.6% of the respondents chose Natrona County as their chosen high school. There are lots of different reasons and explanations for choosing a certain school. For example for Kelly Walsh there were some reasons to go there like KW provides a better education or families went there previously. Or some people who chose NC said that there is a good football program or also family members go there. But one of the most obvious reasons lots of people go to KW from Centennial is because of location. Both of the schools are located on the east side of Casper, so it is logical that some students would stay near their friends or their homes.

I am personally going to Kelly Walsh for a multitude of reasons, one of the many being that it’s close to my house, but I have lots of others too. One of the main ones includes my passion for band. KW has one of the best band programs in Wyoming for high schools and they have a spectacular marching band so I want to be a part of that. They also have an amazing downhill ski team and experienced coaches. Another key reason is the education they provide. Kelly Walsh has one of the best academics in the state of Wyoming and they have so many different academic departments like business and world languages. They also provide excellent core classes like math or language arts. But those are my personal reasons and there are lots of other students that have different reasons to go to Kelly Walsh.

If you go to Kelly Walsh or Natrona County it will be a new adventure, and a new chapter in your life. Whether you’re glad that your middle school is coming to an end or it was just too short, there’s so many new opportunities, people, and things you are going to see. High school is just around the corner Eagles, be ready to become Trojans or Mustangs!