How Has Covid Affected Education? 

Garrett Burkett, Staff Writer

The Covid-19 pandemic changed and still is changing education for better or for worse. Covid-19 forced many schools to switch to online learning. Students and teachers were forced to quickly adapt to the new way of learning. The need for fast adaptation made learning a struggle for students and teachers alike. Online learning wasn’t all bad though there were many positives that came out of virtual education. There were many pros and cons of online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Last year’s virtual learning during Covid-19 caused teachers to make a jurassic  downgrade in what curriculum they were going to teach. Many teachers found it nearly  impossible to teach all of their remaining curriculum in the school year, so they only taught the essentials. According to, the 2019-20 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year, Marilyn Pryle, says “I find myself constantly asking the question, ‘What’s the most important thing students have to do or know?’ when I look at each new topic. I have become an essentialist.” The shortened curriculum put students behind in their next year’s classes and caused a lot of catch up work to be done once physical school was back in session. The shortened curriculum was a very large downfall in switching to online learning. 

The lack of face to face communication was also a huge hardship for students and teachers. According to, Special Education teacher, Sophena Flowers, says “Having the students move away from a physical class where I am there to teach and answer questions immediately and where I could read the body language and facial expressions of my students takes away from my effectiveness as a teacher and relationship building…” The lack of face to face communication caused students and teachers to struggle with understanding their online learning. 

Although online learning was a struggle for many there were also some advantages to it. The primary advantage includes students learning self-motivation and self-discipline, which are things that all students should learn during their education. Online learning forced students to be very independent in their learning. The new way of learning taught students to be more responsible and timely with their assignments and in their schedule.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed education in a lot of  ways. Although virtual learning was a struggle, students and teachers adapted to the circumstances and found ways to make it through the hardship.