Phones: How have they changed?

Maximilian Hornbeck, Staff Writer

Phones, big and blocky items with numbers to call other people, to now portable rectangular shaped, full screen tech devices that allows you to talk to people, play games and many more. They have changed our lives and have been a thing that some people cannot go without. The cell phone was first invented in 1982 and they are still evolving and are being upgraded by the expansion of technology today. Here is a timeline for how the phone has evolved over the years.


1982-The first commercially successful phone was made by Nokia, Mobira Senator, it was probably impossible to carry these around weighing an insane 22 pounds.

1983-Motorola DynaTAC 8000x, had a battery that lasted 30 minutes. But, the charge time was 10 hours. This was the first telephone call made in the UK

1992-Nokia 1011, the first phone that could be used around the world. It included 2G wireless cellular technology.

1994-IBM Simon, the first smartphone that had apps like a calendar, calculator and others.

1996-Nokia 9000 communicator, the first “flip phone” with a keyboard that is able to communicate with people.

1996-Motorola StarTAC, One of the first phones that was able to be portable, also a “luxury phone” to people at this time. This model starred in many big movies as well

1996-Nokia 8110, the “banana phone”, it was another slider phone, you slide down to answer and talk, when you are done you slide it up to end it.

1997-Siemens S10, the mobile phone that had a screen with many colors, it was an antenna phone that 

1999-RIM Blackberry 850, a fully functional phone, but it did not have a big communication line to talk to other people.

2005-Sony Ericcson Walkman, the first phone that introduced Bluetooth, and similar to the iPod it was able to have headphones plugged in to hear audio

2007-iPhone, the first touchscreen, full screen phone, digital keyboard. It retailed for 500 dollars and sold over 600 million units.

2008-iPhone 3G, it provided over 500 apps and retailed for only 200 dollars. It yet again revolutionized the smartphone industry.

2010-Samsung Galaxy S, now known as one of the iPhones biggest competitors for smart phones today, as they evolved with the iPhone. Had 16gb storage and went for a reasonable price to other smartphones.

Today, we have many different types of smartphones that are unique in their own way, there are now things like face recognition, fingerprint and many more. The future could be big for these phone companies.