Are Professional/College Sports the Same Without Fans?

Jack Nicholls, Staff Writer


This year in most sporting events there are either very little or no fans allowed at games. This could affect the players for the better or for the worse. There are many players who play their best under the bright lights and a roaring crowd, some stadiums have crowd noises that play over the sound system during the game. Other players are fine without fans and can perform without any fans and still play their best. 

Hall-of-Fame  Interview

Hall-of-Fame receiver Jerry Rice was recently interviewed on 97.5 the Game’s “Morning Show” about if no fans will affect the NFL games. During the interview Rice says, “It’s going to be real difficult. We pretty much fed off the energy from the fans and just having them in the stands supporting us. It’s something that inspired me to want to play my best football. These players are going to have to adjust.”

Athletes/Coaches Point of View

Many athletes have the same opinion on whether or not fans should be allowed to come to games. Most of them think that it’s terrible to play without them and think that they should be allowed to come. In March of 2020 when all the leagues were shutting down NBA players like Los Abgeles Lakers All-Star Lebron James and Atlanta Hawks All-Star Trae Young both made similar comments, which stated that neither of them were going to play if fans were not allowed. Scott Servis, Seattle Mariners Manager, was asked about this subject and he said “Certainly you want to make the right decision for our fans, everybody that’s close to the game. We still need to play our games, if we can, but that’s not for me to decide. We’ll adhere to the decisions that are made. We are planning on playing a complete season this year, and I’m sure we will.” As you can tell many players and coaches are mad about not having fans and some were not even gonna play without them.

Finance for different Leagues

ALL leagues had huge losses in money. According to ESPN analysts Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe the NBA has had a 10%  and drop to $8.3 billion. The NFL has also lost lots of money to not having fans. According to Bill Shea of the Athletic website the NFL is looking at losing around $2.7 billion at the end of the season. According to a MLB official the league lost 3.1 billion dollars from this shortened season and having less fans.


In conclusion having no fans has affected the players, teams, and leagues. No fans has concluded to players possibly playing worse, teams and leagues losing money.