Positive Impacts from Covid-19

Brody Parks, Staff Writer

Covid has impacted many people and has had very negative impacts. Some kids and teens don’t get to see their friends. People can’t go places that they like to. Most people’s lives aren’t normal. Small businesses aren’t able to stay open. But what are some positive impacts that Covid and quarantine has brought us? 

Some people have been getting closer to their families especially if they are in a lockdown. These families had dinner together, played board and card games, and made more time for each other.  One article bmj.com says that crime has gone down during the pandemic. This is great for everyone and makes them feel safer to go out. More families get closer to each other because that is all they have during the pandemic. There was less travel which also caused less car accidents. This saved many more lives as there was a 3.3% decrease in fatal car accidents. There were also fewer people in the emergency room for trauma accidents. People have been enjoying the outdoors more than they have before. A lot of people have been hiking, biking, running, walking, etc. This is great for everyone and also gets their health up. Families get to spend more time with their pets and build better relationships with them. Families get to learn how to make their own food at home. This also boosts their health because people won’t eat out every week. Kids can also learn to cook during quarantine. This has a great impact for everyone that made their own food. Also less people went to bars. This also caused less accidents because there were less drunk drivers on the roads. The national average for deaths caused by drunk driving accidents is at least 29 deaths per day. If you were able to travel somewhere there were less people. This meant shorter lines if you were going on a ride or something.

In Conclusion, there are not very many positive impacts and outcomes from the Covid-19 outbreak but the positives from it saved many lives and many families became closer to each other and their health went up.