Are sports rules getting out of hand?

Cobey Pexton, Staff Writer

Are school rules getting out of hand? This is most likely a question that others ask themselves. Yes we need have rules for this virus but some rules just seem idiotic to have. I do believe that we as a nation are going too far with this. I know this disease can kill but making it to where parents and some family members can’t even participate in watching their kids play sports is and just sounds dumb.I think that the rules are getting out of hand and we just need to live life normal. 

For example, during basketball season, we have rules such as social distance on the bench, wearing a mask on the bench, not doing a jump ball, etc. but we don’t have to wear a mask while we’re playing. Doesn’t make sense to me. During a jump ball all you do is tip the ball one way or another. You can touch the same ball everyone else is touching all game but you can’t simply tip a ball with your finger tips at the start. Not sure what this is preventing but it sure is a rule we will now have to follow. And then also we can’t have a city tournament like we usually do, but we are allowed to travel to a different school regularly. 

Masks are required to wear in every sport but at different times. So for basketball you have to wear them on the bench and when in huddles. Other than that you are allowed to play without them. Same rules for masks apply in volleyball, football, and wrestling. 

Sports are nothing else than an activity outside of school but rules still have to be applied. Most rules don’t make sense or have no reasoning but they can make or break a kid from playing a sport. Most kids just stick to the sport and play through the rules but also there are some kids that won’t even give the sport a shot because they are already fed up with so many other rules that they don’t want to play for additional rules. Everyone should know what they are getting themselves into so once you’re in the sport there should be no backing out. So additionally I do think that some rules are getting out of hand and make no sense but your love for a sport should not get broken due to rules.