Volunteer Opportunities In Casper Wyoming

Jordan Pomroy, Staff Writer

At a young age it can be extremely hard to find volunteer work that is both safe and exciting. By reading this paper you will find good places to work that are both safe and exciting.

One place to volunteer is the Casper Humane Society. The shelter allows children eight and older to volunteer and help out around the shelter. Some jobs that children would have would be to pick up the dog droppings, clean the cat boxes, and clean out the play areas. The shelter allows older people to have the more exciting jobs. If you are a senior citizen you will have jobs like play with the cats, and play with the dogs. The shelter’s phone number is (307)-265-5439. The address of the shelter is 849 East E Street, Casper 82601. Unfortunately, due to Covid the shelter says that they do not want volunteer work at the moment but, they will consider it when a vaccine gets released or the case number comes drastically down. Fortunately, the shelter is taking donations, because the shelters number are constantly changing in order to donate. They donate they suggest that you call and ask what they need at the time. This allows them to get the donations that they really need at the time.

Feeding Kids Against Hunger is another great place to volunteer. Every year the organization comes to Casper and packages meals for starving kids. Students in Nicaragua are extremely fortunate if they are able to go to school past the sixth grade. Even if they do go to school they are hungry and unable to learn. The organization every year packs over 200,000 meals and tries to build those numbers. They usually hold the event at Highland Park Community Church. Although this organization is not year round, it is a great place to volunteer when they are in town. They usually come to town in November. Their website is, https://www.kidsagainsthunger.org/ 

Love Your City, is an organization who focuses on trash clean up. Casper is constantly covered in trash. Between cigarette butts, and plastic bags, there is trash all around our town. Love your city is 100% free and is easy to do. You will be given a bright orange shirt, this will allow you to be seen and stay with your group. Different groups will be assigned different areas of town and go there and pick up trash. You will start early so the sun doesn’t get too hot. After picking up trash for a few hours they then will provide burgers and hot dogs. Their website is, https://www.loveourcities.org/

Although you may be young you can still make a difference. There are many other places in Casper that you can volunteer at, these are just a few. You can make a difference.