How has Covid affected the world?


Druw Robinson, Staff Writer

Covid has affected the world a little positively but mostly negatively. It has made people angry, depressed, sad, and just mad at the world. When Covid 19 hit this world it was very surprising. It kind of came out of nowhere and put everyone in virtual school for three months. The virtual world of learning made some kids confused, mad, and not participating. But some kids were at ease, enjoying it, and making schoolwork cut down from seven hours a day to two hours a day. After the school year was over it went into summer break. It was not the usual summer break you would get though. Pools, waterparks, local parks, some sports, the MLB season got cut down by 60 percent of their games, and more. 

The mask mandate was not put into place at that time. Wearing a mask was a decision not a requirement. Then in September school started back up again like usual. Some states decided to require online learning while some states made it a choice to either do online learning or face to face learning. The people who thought Covid was too unsafe to go back to school or just thought online learning was more beneficial than face to face stayed online. The people who were okay with their children going back to school face to face did that. Then in the beginning of December Wyoming’s governor made a statewide mandate making Wyoming the 38th state to make the statewide mandate. That is weird considering Wyoming is the smallest state in the United States with a population of only 578,759 people living there in 2019. The states that have not made a mask mandate as of yet are Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

 The mandate is causing anti mask people to erupt. There have been videos all over the internet about people getting in physical fights just for wearing a mask. Then there are the very very strict mask wearers who basically live scared. They live life differently then when they were living in February when they lived life to the fullest and did things like travel, leave the house, etc. 

Overall Covid-19 has affected a lot of people mostly negatively but people have found ways to make Covid better than it actually is and making people’s days and more. So the next time you think how Covid affected you think about how it affected everyone else too.