The First School Newspapers and Yearbooks


Bella Sorensen, Staff Writer

Newspapers and yearbooks have both been around for many, many years to preserve memories, share stories, and connect with other people. School newspapers and yearbooks have evolved a lot since the first paper newspaper to the modern digital websites and the first yearbooks to colored and memorable photos made with efficient technology.

School yearbooks have been around since the seventeenth century. In the seventeenth century, the yearbooks did not have colored photos or digital copies. In the seventeenth century, the yearbooks were more like scrapbooks that they would put hair clippings, dried flowers, and newspaper articles in. Now modern, efficient, and effective ways to make yearbooks are available. Professionals and club volunteers use computers, good cameras, teamwork, and other equipment to make a colorized and eye-appealing yearbook, whether it is digital or paper. One of the things that have made this change possible is the growth of technology. As technology efficiency increases, yearbooks have become easier to make and have made a lot nicer. Social media has made an impactful and more efficient way of connecting with people and sharing ideas, thoughts, and opinions. As technology grows and elevates, making yearbooks becomes more and more efficient.

School newspapers are beneficial to those who read them, and for the writers of the school newspapers. First, how school newspapers are beneficial to their readers. School newspapers are a great way to communicate with and express opinions and information about their local school. On the Centennial Junior High School website, readers can find opinions on political things, the pandemic (Covid), updates on sports, polls, and other articles. Parents who are wondering what their school is like can easily log on to the website, and check out what’s going on. Also, if parents are looking into schools to see if a school is right for them and their child, the school newspaper website gives them easy access to information about that school. The writers for the school newspaper also have benefits. When students create a successful school newspaper, they learn to work hard to have good teamwork, meet deadlines, and learn new things about their school and their community. All of these help students learn and grow to have successful lives.

Yearbooks and school newspapers have amazing benefits and technology has made an effective impact on the growth of yearbooks and school newspapers. In conclusion, yearbooks and school newspapers are very beneficial through technology and good connections/communication.