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Ryan Bressler, Staff Writer

Ryan Bressler is a 13 year old teen who will be turning 14 in December. He has moved from home to home and has had many issues with family over the years. He is now currently living with his grandma and sister but he does have a younger brother who is living elsewhere. Ryan is a funny and kind person but some may also describe him as weird, but he will still treat people with kindness and respect. Although, Ryan can go a little far with his jokes and hurt someone's feelings, Ryan doesn't intend to hurt anyone but he can't seem to always say what's on his mind. Ryan is someone who may lack some common sense but he is actually decently smart in school. He is in all advanced classes except math, and has managed to make principal's honour roll almost every year up until covid. Ryan may be smart in subjects such as language arts and social studies etc, but he has interests in things such as Japanese and other languages. Ryan is neither a bad or good student, but he does have moments where it would seem like he is both. On the playground Ryan is not exactly the most interesting person to be with but he can keep a conversation going. Ryan Bressler is just an average person with a little problems and he can be a good friend.

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Ryan Bressler